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My Club Hero: Anthony Staddon

Anthony first got involved in Girls Cricket in Bexley Borough around 2016 following his daughter, Daniella, being spotted playing for Hook Lane primary school in a borough competition. I was fortunate enough to be at the event and speaking to nobody in particular I remarked on what a good bowling action she had, the lady sitting in front of me turned around and said ''do you think so? I know nothing about cricket, I am from Brazil !!'' (in perfect English I should add).

That chance meeting was a godsend to girls cricket in the borough. We soon got Daniella to the club and we have not looked back since. Anthony soon became the Bexley CC girls under 11 manager and in the few short intervening years is now managing the u13, u15, u17 and adult ladies teams. The Staddon family is just the ''gift that keeps on giving'' because there is also a younger sister, Julia, playing and the mum, Denise, is the colts section fixtures secretary.

Anthony's enthusiasm has galvanised his family and the club. Daniella was subsequently, due to dual nationality, selected to play for Brazil u17s (which was sadly put on hold due to the Corona Virus) and plays for Kent colts, Julia also plays for Kent colts. I cannot speak too highly of the efforts that Anthony has put into his various management roles. One of the most popular people around the club, initiating several new projects and achieving notable successes on and off the field both indoor and outdoor all year round.

By John Daniels, Bexley Cricket Club

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