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My Club Hero: Tracey Seaman

Tracey Seaman joined Ickenham as a player in 2007, a sportswoman but not a cricketer. Over the last 14 years she has poured huge amounts of time, energy and enthusiasm into giving as many girls and women as possible the opportunity to be part of this wonderful game. Around 10 years ago Tracey took on the captaincy of the women's team and also became Ickenham's Girls and Women's Co-ordinator.

She passed her Level 2 coaching qualifications, took basic umpiring and scoring courses, attended too many fixtures strikes, meetings, festivals, tournaments and matches to mention and was a huge part in Ickenham running 3 girls teams for several years. Those girls teams produced two current Sunrisers cricketers, Katie Wolfe and Emily Thorpe.

She was also ICC Secretary in this time too. Phew!! This only really tells half of it though. Tracey (we still call her Skip) isn't a naturally extrovert networker, a creative soul or a parent with a cricket-mad child. She'll tell you herself, one of her greatest strengths is admin! She consistently pushes herself out of her comfort zone to make sure women and girls experience cricket, enjoy it and play it in the right way.

She has created a wonderful network across Middlesex, she celebrates the success of other teams as much as her own, she has learned, she has listened, and she has acted - always with female cricket's best interests at heart and very often before her own. She is the absolute queen of a team selfie, a wonderful friend to us at ICC, and to cricket. She has just been made Vice President of the Middlesex Junior Cricket Association, which is so richly deserved, and we are very proud!

Inspired by Tracey? Check out Ickenham Ladies cricket club!

Nominated and written by Hannah Stobbs, Ickenham Cricket Club

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