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My Club Hero: Verity Johnson

I know she’s my sister and I’m meant to be biased and all but I think everyone at Finch will agree with me here, VJ you’re incredible!

Verity took over as head of women and girls at Finch in 2019 (I think!) and has re-grown the section since the last of the age groups stepped up to the Women’s team, from having minimal girls between U9-15 in 2019 to Verity’s hard work and determination we now have a number of promising young girls that she’s running sessions and tournaments for!

Verity also was the driving force for the first women’s softball team, which now consists of over 30 women! Not only this, she is even the head of All Stars too! On top of all this, her full-time job as a coach for Berkshire Cricket Foundation she going into schools during the week, organising the multiple girls leagues throughout Berkshire & the Home Counties Women’s League, she is the U11 girls Berkshire coach! Verity always has a smile on her face and is definitely in it for the love of the game and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they do well!

She’s continually working hard to progress w&g cricket in the county and is always inspiring people to improve or try something new and give cricket a go! I am going to say it again… VJ you’re an incredible and inspirational person! Thank you!

By Freya Johnson, Finchampstead CC

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